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Independent position


One of Contec’s major selling points is our complete independence from third parties.

Contec executes industrial automation projects completely in house and uses its own specialists. Yet we are still a large SME with a horizontal organisational structure. This creates direct lines of communication, both internally and externally, thus allowing us to take decisions quickly.

The company is also entirely owned by its own employees, so we don’t have to take foreign capital into account. Moreover, Contec is not dependent upon specific suppliers or contractors, so we can always select the highest quality and most cost efficient solution, tailor-made to our client.

Finally, our independent structure enables us to respond very quickly to new changes on the market, allowing us to continuously offer our clients tailor-made innovative solutions that provide added value and a competitive advantage.

Amoras project

Our strengths

Contec is characterised by a number of specific assets or strengths that allow us to really make the difference for our clients. Find out more

Our products

Contec specialises in the industrial automation of production processes, E&I engineering, electrical studies and process safety. Learn more

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