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Industrial automation


The SCADA forms the interface between the operator and the control system and visualizes the process that is controlled by the PLC. This allows the operators to view different measurement signals and the progress of the production process at a glance. Moreover, the operators also control the installations via this interface: so, where necessary, they can intervene immediately.


The SCADA system visualizes the process data linked to the PLCs, such as temperature, pressure, alarms, production speed, etc.

What does Contec mainly have to offer?

  • SCADA visualisation 
  • Rockwell: FTView/PlantPAx 
  • Siemens: WinCC/PCS7 
  • Wonderware: Intouch/Archestra 
  • Alarm management and diagnosis 
  • Graphics of process data 
  • Reports and log books 
  • A web-based system for remote supervision and management 
  • Links to other systems 
  • Testing and validation 
  • Support, implementation and training
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