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Product and solutions

Industrial automation


The Manufacturing Executing System contains all of the production-related data. This level receives, processes and analyses the data from the production process. Contec connects the MES seamlessly to the ERP system. For the most part we use the standard software products as a base, which we enhance with our own knowledge and experience to create the correct tailor-made solution for our clients. Together with the client we map out all of the requirements and according to this, determine the best integration strategy: top-down or bottom-up..

Top-down strategy

In this strategy, we take the functions requested by the client as a base onto which we integrate the most comprehensive possible software platform, in line with ISA-95 guidelines. Here the main focus is on software modules, which simplify and improve the production processes:

  • Product specifications
  • Production planning
  • Quality
  • Etc.

Bottom-up strategy

According to this strategy, the production environment dictates the system requirements: the process engineers or production people then generally define the requirements.
Our strengths

Contec is characterised by a number of specific assets or strengths that allow us to really make the difference for our clients. Find out more

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Contec specialises in the industrial automation of production processes, E&I engineering, electrical studies and process safety. Learn more

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