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Industrial automation

Industrial automation

Contec assists companies with the conversion or improvement of existing automation systems, with the construction of completely new systems and with the maintenance of the systems once they are in use. A permanent project manager of Contec supervises the projects. Contec is your partner in preparing all of the necessary documentation for each phase of the project, so that the automation systems comply with the Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP).


Active on three levels

Contec develops its own applications mainly using the software and hardware of Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider and Wonderware. We design, develop and test systems on three integrated levels:


The MES or Manufacturing Executing System contains all of the production-related data. This level receives, processes and analyses the data from the production process. All events end up in a database from which you can generate specific reports. We connect the MES seamlessly to our client’s ERP system.



The SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition forms the interface with the control layer. At a glance, operators can view the various measurement signals and the status of the production process. That way they can immediately intervene as needed.


PLC systems or Programmable Logic Controllers are the basis for controlling the production process.

Progress of the project

Contec starts each automation project with an extensive analysis phase. Together with the client, we discuss the production process and the aim of the automation project. As soon as the analysis is complete, we start on the necessary programming work. When everything is programmed, we initiate the test phase. First we simulate the full operation of the software at Contec’s offices. Next we carry out tests on site: we start with dry tests, which are followed by wet tests. Finally, tests are done using ‘real’ products.
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