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Product and solutions

E&I Engineering

E&I Engineering and design


In addition to the software aspect of industrial automation, Contec also offers expertise in Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering. Contec modernises existing installations and also designs the full production infrastructure of companies.


Contec is responsible for the complete design and the engineering. This entails:

  • Feasibility studies 
  • Estimates 
  • Basic and detailed engineering 
  • Drawing up and analysing tenders 
  • Writing operational and maintenance manuals

Preparation of Execution Phase

In this phase Contec helps with choosing the right materials and instruments as well as the right contractors and suppliers. Contec’s completely independent position allows us to select the most suitable source on the market for each individual project.

Execution Phase

Contec supervises the site throughout the whole implementation of our E&I design. Once installation has been completed under our supervision, we conduct the necessary testing and approval procedures. Finally, Contec assists in starting up the new installations.

After-sales Service

Contec’s service doesn’t stop when we start up the installations. We train our client’s staff and ensure that the necessary technological knowledge is passed on. In addition, clients can sign up for our maintenance support and post-start up assistance.

Our strengths

Contec is characterised by a number of specific assets or strengths that allow us to really make the difference for our clients. Find out more

Our products

Contec specialises in the industrial automation of production processes, E&I engineering, electrical studies and process safety. Learn more

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