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automation Fleet Management System MSC HT

Product and solutions

Contec adapts existing systems, designs completely new automation processes and also takes care of the after-sales service for the completed projects. We operate on three integrated levels: PLC, SCADA and MES/IT.

Contec outlines the complete tailor-made hardware infrastructure of production sites and adapts existing installations. We do this in close cooperation with our client’s piping and process engineers.

The certified process safety specialists at Contec conduct the necessary risk analyses and determine the desired level of safety in consultation with the client.

Within E&I, Contec especially focuses on electrical power studies and safety studies. In this way, we draw up documented electrical systems (analysis, calculation and design) and adapt existing electrical systems. All of this applies equally to high, medium and low voltage systems.

Our strengths

Contec is characterised by a number of specific assets or strengths that allow us to really make the difference for our clients. Find out more

Our products

Contec specialises in the industrial automation of production processes, E&I engineering, electrical studies and process safety. Learn more

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